Custom CBD Labels

CBD packaging and labeling requirements vary by product type, based on the specific formula and container chosen by the manufacturer. Due to the oil content, a significant consideration is using labels for CBD products that are water- and oil-resistant. Whatever form your product takes, it’s essential to create a CBD label design with a premium appearance, which will help you establish a unique, attention-getting brand that will stand out from the crowd.

What to Include on Your CBD Label

Since marketing products with any cannabis chemicals are still not easy, even on social media channels, the best way to showcase them is by using attractive product packaging and labels. With the development of competition in this industry, CBD labels can go a long way helping business owners capture the attention of the buyer.

An attractive design is only part of a successful hemp product label. Another even more important part is accurate information. Proper CBD labeling is essential if you’re doing business in this business. It is essential that CBD labels follow CBD labeling regulations characterized by FDA, and correspond with what’s in the product.

Here are a few tips on what a CBD label should contain:

CBD Level

Since CBD is such a beneficial compound with so many positive effects on human health, people are using it for a variety of conditions. Depending on the condition you want to help, informing users about different levels of CBD is necessary. So CBD labels need to include information on how much CBD is found in each product.

Suggested use for the product, or application instructions.

It’s important to educate the customer on how the CBD is made for use. Depending on the product, you will want to indicate if it’s edible, to be applied directly to the skin or consumed another way.

Purity Level

Amount of purity of the CBD. Typically, 99.9 percent and higher is usually THC-free, while purity levels below 99.5% may still have traces of THC. It’s important to have the correct information for your consumers.

Make Your CBD Products Stand Out on the Shelf with Custom Labels

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