Custom Coffee Labels

Coffee taste is dependent upon a number of factors, from the type of raw coffee beans, through roasting equipment and how finely the coffee is ground, to how long it is brewed. Many customers aren’t knowledgeable about the details of coffee production and how fine a line is between sour and delicious coffee. That is why you, as a coffee manufacturer, need to package and label your product properly to reflect its distinctive taste.

All coffee roasters and coffee shop owners need coffee labels. If you take a look at your favorite coffee brands and their food packaging labels, you will notice they all have eye-catching stickers in common. A lot of thought, effort and research have been put into their coffee label design so as to attract new coffee drinkers and fit the coffee producer’s visual identity using the product’s fresh, delicious taste.

What to Include on Your Coffee Label

Beverage and food labeling needs manufacturers to follow strict regulations. Fortunately for coffee manufacturers who produce and sell 100% pure coffee, they are exempt from the complex nutrition labeling process. If your coffee product isn’t 100% pure, you are required to add the additional ingredients on the coffee label and state their portion in the coffee mix.

The following information is required on all labels for coffee bags sold in the US:

  • Name of the Item
  • Net weight
  • Business information (name and address)
  • Ingredients
  • Barcode

There are different claims that you can add to the packaging if they are true. For example, if your coffee mix is 100% organic, you can state that on the label and make your product more appealing to people who prefer organic food.

A few other types of claims that are found on coffee bag labels are fair trade, direct trade, single-origin, premium quality, freshly roasted, medium roast, etc.. When there’s enough room on the label, you can add an enchanting description of your coffee product’s aroma, taste, and texture.

Always place fully accurate information on your product packaging label, because labels should in no way confuse or mislead the customers.

Make Your Coffee Stand Out on the Shelf with Custom Coffee Labels

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