Continuous Roll or Die Cut Rolls

While printing on your colour label printers, you want to make sure you get the exact configuration of labels you want. It is important to know the type of labels as well as how the label roll is cut to be compatible with your colour label printer.

Continuous Label Rolls

3" Continuous Glossy Inkjet Label RollWhen using continuous label rolls, you can use the printer’s built in cutter to trim the desired label length. If you use the 4″ x 100 ft continuous roll, you can print 4 × 1, 4 × 2, or 4 × 6, as required for your products. The only difference between the die cut and the continuous roll labels is that they will have square corners.

Die Cut Label Rolls

4" x 2" Glossy Inkjet Label RollDie cut means that the label is cut out with a custom plate to create the shape you want the label to be. Die cut may mean your label or label will have rounded corners as opposed to square corners. The benefit of die cut is that, the label is easier to apply. Die Cut labels are available at LabelBasic in an assortment of different sizes.

LabelBasic offers a large selection of blank label rolls for your colour label printers. Offered in pre-die cut and continuous label rolls, these products have been specifically engineered for use with inkjet label printers.