Bath & Body Product Labels

Beauty Product LabelsThere are a plethora of bath and body products available at most retail stores. Hand lotion, hand sanitizer, perfume, cologne, and much more is available for you to choose from

With so many products available, it can be confusing trying to find the product you are searching for, especially since each product has a different scent. Having distinct labels makes it less of a headache trying to find the product you are looking for.

Different Shaped Products

Not only are the labels different, but the shape of the products is different. For example, the candles are in a shorter but wider cylinder while perfume is in a taller but thinner cylinder. By doing this, you can tell from a distance what type of product it is without seeing the label.

Colored Labels

If you’ve ever taken a closer look at bath & body product labels, you may have noticed that particular labels will use a specific color based on the scent. For example, watermelon scents will always use a green colored label. Whether it’s hand soap or lotion, the color of the label will always contain a variety of green.

Respect your Customer’s Time

Why do companies color-code labels like this? To avoid wasting the customer’s time. If a customer doesn’t like the smell of lemon, they aren’t going to be looking for lemon-scented products. With color-coded labels, the people who don’t like lemon will see the yellow label and realize it’s not the product they are looking for without having to waste time by reading the label.

Respecting the customer’s time is crucial. You have to assume they are on a busy schedule and are only there to get what they need and leave. Helping them acquire what they need in a timely fashion will go a long way.

Polypropylene Labels

When creating your own labels, polypropylene, not paper, is the way to go. Why shouldn’t you use paper on bath & body product labels? To put it simply – polypropylene will give your labels the strength and durability it needs in ways paper cannot.

For instance, if you are selling shampoo, it will be used in a wet environment. Most people will put the shampoo bottle in the shower with them. As you know, paper does not go well with water. When paper gets wet, it becomes soft, making it easier to become torn. To add to that, the colors on wet paper will bleed ruining the design.

You didn’t put all that time and effort into the label only for it to be ruined. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you by going with LabelBasic polypropylene labels.

Why Should You Use LabelBasic Labels?

When you invest in a label printer at LabelBasic, you will get top quality printers at excellent prices including free shipping on qualifying purchases. No more having to rely on another company to create labels for you. Now you can create labels yourself. Use LabelBasic to get the printer you need to make the best-looking bath & body product labels at the best prices!

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